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3 steps to cooperate

Dear Native Speakers, welcome to our language school "English-Hunters"! We provide on-line education in frames of the project International mix. If you are ready to join our on-line school of teaching English, there are just 3 steps between us:

1. Please send us some contact details, including the picture of you, in order to make the proccess more real (download questionary) - you'll be registered in our database . Optionally, include demo versions of your lessons (audio or video). The Tutorial about demo is here.

2. Read the FEE policy here and the terms of agreement between native-speakers and "english-hunters" - download here. Some positions can be arranged in individual way.


3. Native-speakers get the contact mail of a relevant student and arrange 10-15 min trial lesson. Administration of our centre will visit one of your first lessons (not necessarily a trial one) to keep up-dated. When the schedule is agreed, the administration is informed and all necessary prodedures are performed in the way, listed in the agreement.

"Ok, what to do it case the trial is successful?"

We are ready to support you in any way till you find your best strategy of teaching, so you could read about the variety of methods about the Method of Teaching English in Skype with English-Hunters here.

We are ready to answer any questions and we we'll be glad to have you as the part of our friendly team!

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В мае в english-hunters открывается бесплатная он-лайн библиотека.


В мае в english-hunters открывается бесплатная он-лайн библиотека. Теперь Project Articles (чтение оригинальных статей с адаптацией) доступен всем интересующимся культурой англоязычных стран! Учитесь на полезно и с удовольствием!

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Ура! В нашем языковом центре открывается отделение французского языка!

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