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Fees and Requirements

The price  policy of our school is that we don't have fixed rates: both for our students and for our teachers.

It enables us to provide  much wider range of opportunities to cooperate also for both sides. We try to find the opportunities to make the lessons with native speakers available for all the students, whatever the budget is (including group lessons). See the table, some comments are below. You can download it here.

The first and the main principle of our school is that Russian teachers of English and Native-Speakers work in close cooperation.

It means, that normally a student takes 1 lesson a week from a Russian Teacher, and 1 lesson a week - from a Native-Speaker.

Functions are also a bit different. Native-Speakers deal with speech development mainly (they are in  the role of "Speakers")  and Russian Teachers of English provide general methodical support&grammar focus.

1. The students of advanced level - they don't need the support of Russian teachers.
2. Bilingual native-speakers (English+Russian) - they also don't need the support of Russian teachers.

In such case, teachers are empowered to provide a comprehesive educational course, 1-2 times a week.

In other words, the fees&requirements  correlate with the function of Native-Speakers - "Speakers" / "Teachers", and we are in search for candidates for both position. The main factor  is not a diploma, but communicative skiils.

If you are ready to cooperate  with us - these are 3 steps towards each other, you'll be registered in our database according to your wishes.

Or just drop us a message at or Skype ID: english-hunters.

See the details about the METHOD of our school here.

The Founder of English-Hunters, Lana Gordeeva.

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