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Informal talk with the Foudner of English-Hunters Lana Gordeeva

Dear Native-Speakers, if you  look for part-time work online to complement your income and to gain some new experience teaching, we will be happy to cooperate with you.

Our backgound.

Our school is rather young, so it's just the beginning.  From autumn 2012 we are starting pr-campaigns, which will bring  new students abroad. We should meet the demand properly, that's why we are developing  a pretty vast professional network of qualified, native ESL teachers, but also we are happy to invite just "native - speakers", who are not professional teachers. We are going to make up a large database of teachers  in order to enable students to select the teachers according to their relevant age, interests, gender and even psychotype.  We are sure that only in such way educational proccess can be productive and positive for both sides.

If you are interested in details, there is some information below. It could help you to plan your future work with us in the most effective way. The main idea of our cooperation at this particular stage is to know each other better in order to provide the best possible variants, which will suit you the best.

1. Current period (autumn 2012) (12-20$ per the lesson).

Plesase be informed that currently our main offers can be considered there:

But in the very nearest future we are going to launch more serious projects, connected with group & corporate education. 

Though I would like to mention that our cooperation is more likely to be connected with future, as given your elaborate experience you can be regarded as "elite" teachers, and currently there are no vacancies for such vacancies.

2. Advanced projects  (~ starting from 27$ per the lesson), which are more relevant for experiences on-line teachers, or for the teachers with elaborate experience and communicative skills (to be able to keep the audience).

It's about gourp and corporate education.

Short Demo of such group Master-Classes is here

Full format sample  is here. (45 min, divided into 3 parts according to the block of the lesson).

Small group classes enables to offer lower rates to expand the customer base, providing enough compensation for the teachers.

Corporate education is the most prospectful area as Moscow educational market has a real lack  of qualified native-speaking teachers. Expats, who live here, are usually either non-professional or too expensive. The fees of residents make their services unavailable for most of the students. Skype education is the key to solution of this problem. Teachers save the time and energy, aslo they have opportunities for flexible timetable, and is such case it becomes more real for students to provide suitable compensation. Both sides benefit.

Usually we use Paypal payment system, but the solution could be found in any case.

There is one step which can be done right now whatever project you would like to participate in future. It'll be great if you  generate some promo materials of you  (or your lessons) in order to help us to promote you. All the students like to get some impression ahead, it's much easier for them to make a choice then. Fee free to start  with the photo and some general info  for our database.

Samples of demo are here. (that's demo of teachers from "advanced group", actually promo videos can be done in much simplier and shorter fromat. Just "hello" and several phrases in English.  Some details how to make demo is here

That's some initial  info on basis of which we could clarify some details in Skype (ID: english-hunters).

We'll be able to determine the group to which you could join during the interview.

Welcome to our friendly team!

Lana Gordeeva, Heah Teacher and Founder of "English-Hunters".

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