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THE METHOD of on-line School "English-Hunters"

Dear Native-Speaking Teachers! After making first steps and having registration in our database, - it's time to discuss the program of education in our center. The program depends both on the function of the teacher (as well as the fee), and on the individuality of the student. So, there is no unified program in English-Hunters, and the methodical center of our school is qualified to design coursework based on each individual student's needs, so each student's coursework is unique to that student. As the founder and head teacher of the company, I oversee the curriculums of the teachers  to ensure their quality. In case we  deliver excellent instruction to our students, the students give us excellent feedback in turn. So, collaboration is the best way.

Let's speak about trial lesson separetly, as this lesson has the key importance for initiation of the cooperation.  Afterwards you'll find some recommendations about the program "construction", though all your individual groundwork is highly appreciated.

We are deliberately targeted at creation of extensive data-base of both students and teachers in order to be able to match personalities in the best possible way (taking into consideration individualities, characters, preferrable age and gender of both sides), Such considerate approach makes the proccess both useful and productive for all of us. That's why we are so demadful about the DEMO our teachers: - it'll help the students not only to find their "best" teacher in advance, but even to get used to him/her. :)

About trails.

1. Trials are shorter than usual lessons, they are supposed to be ~ 15 min as this time is absolutely enough to get all necessary information and to make/get impression. Though teachers can prolong the talk if they feel it necessary to make the impression full.

2. Both at the trial and onwards, try to keep your usual speed of speech, and only in case if you feel that your student is at a loss completely - there could be some slow down (and then - up again).

You can use the pauses for fixing unknown for the student words in Skype dialogue window to help them to recognise them. After the lesson they will look them up in the dicitonary. It's a MUST in our school - to have E-VOCABULARIES, where our students put the words from Skype dialogue window after the lesson and afterwards activate them at the lessons with Russian-speaking teachers. It looks like that - E-vocabulary. (it's just for your info, you don't have to fill it instead of a student).

3. Trial lesson is introduction. Speaking and listening focus only Dialogue is preferrable. Students should enjoy native-speakers'  speech, but don't forget to change the roles. :) A teacher says some words about himself/herself, than ask about the same info from the student. S0me questions can be also asked after each new block of information to verify if a student understood it. For example, "Did you understand where I was born? How many brothers do I have? What is my hobby?"

4. Smile, generate positive atmosphere and encourage your students systematically for example...

Sample of a trial

About the program construction.

The education could be based upon themathical lessons, based on topics and/or pictures + videos.

1. Topics can be selected in accordance with the student's levels. The strategy is the same: partners exchange information, it's not just a "question - answer" format, where the students answer the questions. Our teachers also express their opinions, clarifying afterwards how much their students understood, and the info can be repeated if necessary.

Useful Resourses (though sponatenous talks are the most natural and vivid):

Useful tip:  If you enjoy writing some short articles by yourself - it'll be the best possible material for discussions at the lesson. Also we can create a special page for you at our site.

See the sample:

2. Pictures

For example, - let's take a cat! :)

"You start off with describing this specific picture then you could ask what attributes this cat could have (behaviour and so on), then you could ask where it lives and describe the place. And it that's ot enough you can still ask which movies, fairytales or stories were devoted to cats."

3. Videos for discussion up to your choice (TV shows, etc). You pick up a video (3-5-10 min), give it as a hometask, make up the list of key vocabulary to learn (in a word-doc, maybe), and the list of questions (to discuss). For example

1 give the feedback - wirte all new for the student words.

No grammar (only to fix in Skype dialoge windows the phrases, which were said wrong - in a right way). 3 no special hometask - just a new theme for dicussion can be given in advance (or a video to watch).

PS Some more recomendations from experienced on-line teachers - here.

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