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Systematical meetings with native-speakers at home!  Is it real?  - Yes, it's absolutely real  for each student of English-Hunters, no matter what the budget is!

FOR WHOM? For students from intermediate level and upper. For students, who want learn how to communicate in real life.

HOW TO JOIN? 3 variants:

If you want to learn on individual basis - contact us directly (skype-ID english-hunters, about Meeting), educational proccess starts at once.

Demo of individual meetings

If you want to learn in a group and can make it up by yourselves (inviting your friends, colleagues, relatives), you start at once as well.

If you want to learn in a group, but have no people with the same interests - register for the relevant program, when there will be sufficient number of participants - you'll start.

Demo of group meetings


600-1000 r for one meeting. If you are alone, you pay all the sum. If you are in a group, the sum is shared among the participants (for example, in case of 600 roubles per lesson each member pays 200 roubles, in case of 1000 roubles per lesson  each member pays 333r).  You can have 1-4 lessons a month (or more).

Payment system: Sberbank, e-money. Prepayment for the month.

Why is the price so different here?

The difference depends on the status of the teacher (=experience). There are 2 groups of foreigners in our school: teachers and just speakers.

See the difference below.

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В мае в english-hunters открывается бесплатная он-лайн библиотека.


В мае в english-hunters открывается бесплатная он-лайн библиотека. Теперь Project Articles (чтение оригинальных статей с адаптацией) доступен всем интересующимся культурой англоязычных стран! Учитесь на полезно и с удовольствием!

Французский язык на English Hunters


Ура! В нашем языковом центре открывается отделение французского языка!

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