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How to make DEMO

the article in Russian here
samples of our teachers

What for?

Demo materials (audio and video samples) are optional materials, which can help students to know their teachers better, which is essential to make our virtual world more real. If  our candidates provide  them, they are  registered in the database. Such materials help students to break (or melt:) the ice, which makes a real barrier between two sides and to select the teacher of "one wavelength".. Also there is no doubt such materials will attract the attention to you.

Never ever think that you are not a TV-star to do it. It's good news, - students are afraid of stars, they are very glad to see "usual" people. So, any materials of any technical quality will do. You can just send our school the "raw" materials (audio-video tracks - MP3, MP4, and so on), and we'll make all necesarry technical operations and publish them in our 2 main media social nets:



video: +

How to?

You can use your phone dictaphones, computer voice recording devices, and youtube also has automatical sevice of video records, as well as some web-cameras.

It goes without saying that video format is becoming more and more popular, but you can select any of the ways.
For example, here is my audio presentation  of our programs (just 1 min) and  my home video of such kind (just 22 seconds).

What to say?

One of the perfect variants could be: 30-60 sec of English speech (if you are going to teach English), about yourself. No need to mention degrees or whatever, just tell about you interests or some specific details which you find interesting about yourself; and ~30-60 sec of Russian speech at the end (if you can speak Russian).

Attention! If possible, plz start your speech with the phrase "Hello, I'm...., I've been working with English-Hunters since 2012", time will work for us!

If you've already got the records of you lessons, - welcome. That's how it can be:  audio-format and video-format.
But don't worry if you don't have them, - when  you join as, we can make it for you by ourselves, as long as you approve of it (just "visiting" your lesson as a 3d computer).  Or here is the free program for Skype voice recording - you can do it by yourself.

Here are two samples of what we are talking about, but each sample is definitely unique, so it's just as a variant:

So, there is a variety of possible ways to make DEMO - audio or/and video, solo or with your current students, in English or/and in Russian. We would be happy to get any version (or to make it together afterwards).

PS Listen to our SCHOOL promo audio track for tuning in on the one wave-lengh! It's in Russian, but we are happy to be united with you in our cross-cultutral mix!

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