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Info for native speakers

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! We are happy to invite you to various cross-cultural projects! Russian students are very eager learners!

Let me introduce myslef - I'm Lana Gordeeva, the Director of Moscow on-line centre, teaching English in Skype: "English-Hunters"

We teach English on the basis of International Mix, which means that we surround our students with Russian Teachers of English and Native Speakers.

We really believe that it's not a certificate, which makes a teacher strong. All methodical questions are managed by Russian teachers here. We are happy to cooperate with Native-Speakers as Speakers!

So, if you love communication - we'll be happy to copperate with you!

Native-Speakers without experience of on-line teaching English are invited to have some trials at our Speak Club, where they assist group Skype Talk - asking questions, answering the questions from our students, etc (the number of participants is very flexible, 2-5). Have a look how it could be arranged:

Such sessions are free for students and are built on a non-commerical basis, It's a fine field for our native-speakers to have some trials of being a teacher and to get some initial practice.

If you enjoy this proccess, we are ready to invite the best performers to become our teachers, who work on commercal basis.

So, ready to try? It's very easy, and I'll always be nearby to support you! Contact me at Skype ID english-hunters or mail to

Some useful links , which could be considered as an informational assistance in relation to start-up the career of a teacher at English-Hunters.

Fees of the teachers of English-Hunters (in case of successful training at our Speak-Club)

Steps which our candidates to teachers make, when the decision is taken

Method of Teaching in Skype

Informal talk with the Foudner of English-Hunters Lana Gordeeva

Pscycological consultation

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В мае в english-hunters открывается бесплатная он-лайн библиотека. Теперь Project Articles (чтение оригинальных статей с адаптацией) доступен всем интересующимся культурой англоязычных стран! Учитесь на полезно и с удовольствием!

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